Office Safety

$15.00 = 1yr access & certificate

Online Office Safety training course covering all the main health and safety risks.

Duration Approx. | 20 minutes


Office Safety Summary

A short (20 approx. minute) and engaging e-learning module designed to provide users with:

• relevant information about health and safety in an office environment

• advice on common office risks and safer working

Key Benefits:

• directly addresses risks to physical and mental health and wellbeing

• supports any existing workplace health, safety and wellbeing strategies

• ensures compliance with UK law, specifically the requirements to provide information on and reduce risks to health while at work

• compatible with multiple platforms including PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone

• successful completion awarded with certificate

• flexible completion reporting

• available as embedded or hosted package

• content can be tailored to your organisation, for example insertion of (or reference to) your particular arrangements or policies

Office Safety e-learning

This concise e-learning course has been developed to provide office workers with clear

information about health and safety in an office setting. While acknowledging that offices are

considered low-risk environments compared to some workplaces, Office Safety covers the

essential information that staff need to know, and offers reasonable, practical advice on the risks

which they may be exposed to while at work. Content includes:

• reasons for managing safety and health at work

• employer and employee responsibilities

• arrangements for safety management

• common office hazards and control measures – includes fire safety, first aid, accident/

incident reporting, manual handling, use of Display Screen Equipment (computer equipment) and electrical safety.

A deliberately irreverent visual approach has been adopted to help hold the user’s attention throughout the course. Voiceover information is complemented by closed captions, which can be turned on or off at any point.

At the end of Office Safety, understanding is checked using a ten question multiple-choice quiz.

CPD Accreditation

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Successful completion of Office Safety attracts one CPD credit.

move more at work accreditation

Move More at Work Accreditation


At the end of the course is a short assessment.  On achievement of 80% or more candidates are automatically emailed their completion certificate.  The final assessment can be retaken.

Move More at Work Certificate

Move More at Work Certificate

Office Safety Screen Shots


The Move More at Work course has been developed in association with fully qualified and registered professional safety consultants.

For a full free Office Safety course demo email: or call: +44 (131) 661 8253

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