Electrical Safety

$15.00 = 1yr access & certificate

Online Electrical Safety course to provide the knowledge needed to work safely around electricity.

Duration Approx. | 40 minutes



Electricity can obviously be dangerous and sometimes even fatal.

This Electrical Safety Awareness course highlights the dangers associated with electricity and practical steps that can be taken to minimise the chance of injure. Covering the main hazards, applicable legislation, risk assessment, risk reduction measures and key responsibilities of the individual this course covers a lot of learning in around 45 minutes.

What you will Learn

  • Recognise electricity as a hazard and increase awareness of associated risks
  • Provide understanding of how electricity works
  • Highlight sensible policies for those using electrical equipment
  • How to deal with an electric related accident

Course Content

Section 1 | Electrical Dangers

Danger of Appliances; Electrical Hazards; Respect Electricity

Section 2 | Electricity Insights

What is electrical; What is a circuit Electrical and the ground; Conductors and Insulators; Human Conductors

Section 3 | Safe Electricity Management Systems

Visual Inspection; Danger Signs; Faulty Equipment; Fuses; Electrical Load; Multi-point Adaptors; What to do if an appliance catches fire

Section 4 | Electrical First Aid Response

Electrical Injuries; Electrical Accidents; Separate the source; Remove the source; Treating Injuries; Prevent Shock; Electrical Burns; High Voltage Accident; Vehicle and Power lines


Through out the course there are short ‘Knowledge Checks’.

At the end of the course is a 20 question assessment.

To successfully complete the course candidates are required to achieve 80% in the final assessment. The assessment may be retaken as often as required.

On successful completion candidates will be automatically emailed their completion certificate.

The completion certificate contains the candidate name, course title, date and a validation code which can be authenticated via echo3education.

Some courses also offer a digital badge so your success can be shared online through websites like Linkedin. Sharing the digital badge requires free third party software. echo3education are happy to explain the process.


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