Fire Safety

$20.00 = 1yr access & certificate

This online fire safety course provides an awareness to staff of what to do in the unlikely event a fire breaks out in your place of work.

Duration Approx. | 60 minutes



Online Fire Safety Course | The risk of fire is one of the greatest dangers in the workplace due to the potential of huge damage at great speed.  Online Fire Safety Training is a useful tool to help reduce the associated risks.

Course Aim

Make workplaces safer by providing an awareness of both fire prevention measures and what do to in the unlikely event a fire occurs. 

What you will learn

| Fire Safety legislation

| How fires start

| Understand best practice fire safety procedures

| How to prevent specific types of fire

| How to effectively respond in the event fire

| Understand basic first aid in the event of a fire

Course Content

Section 1 | Fire Safety Management

Section 2 | The Fire Triangle

Stages of Fire

Section 3 | Fire Prevention

General fire prevention

Electrical equipment

Danger signs

Fire safety signs

Risk identification

Section 4 | Emergency Evacuation

Hearing a fire alarm

Evacuating the building

Fire exits

Fire drills

Disabled evacuation procedures

Discovering a fire

Raising the alarm

Contacting appropriate service

Section 5 | Fire Fighting

Types of fire extinguishers

Fire classification

Selecting an extinguisher

Clothes on fire

Emergency First Aid

Dealing with minor burns

Ideal For 

All Staff


Fire Safety Certificate

Successful completion of this online Fire Safety training requires candidates to achieve 80% or more in the final 20 question assessment.  The assessment can be retaken as often as required.  On successful completion…

| Candidates will be emailed a self-print certificate

| 2 CPD credits earned

| A verifiable completion record is kept on our system for a period of 36 months

What is included in this online Fire Safety training course?

| 60 minutes of high quality motion graphic media

| Accelerated Learning | 60 minutes

| CPD accredited content

| 4 CPD credits

| Emailed certificate ($10 for posted version)

| Digital badge to show on your website, resume or Linkedin profile

| Flexible reporting and assignment options with group purchases 

| Access for 1 whole year

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