First Aid for Work

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If an emergency occurs at work this First Aid eLearning course is designed to give staff the confidence to make the right choices.

Approx. | 45 minutes

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First Aid at Work training course | First Aid refers to the medical treatment administered immediately after an incident occurs.  

In the US employers are required to provide medical and first aid personnel and supplies commensurate with the hazards of the workplace

This course aims to provide staff in low risk workplaces like cafes and offices with the knowledge and confidence needed to attend appropriately to a common variety of emergencies.  

First Aid at Work Course Objective

Provide the knowledge & confidence to appropriately attend to a wide variety of workplace illness and injuries.  Particularly in the vital period before emergency services arrive.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course you will know…

| When are emergency services are required

| Provide effective care prior to emergency services arriving

| How to put casualties in the recovery position

| Respond appropriately to emergencies such as choking, wounds, bleeding and shock

| Respond to burns, scolds, poisons, fractures, sprains and electrical injuries

| How to care for unconscious patients

First Aid Accreditation

Course Content

Section 1 | First Aid at Work

Provision of First Aid in the workplace

Personal safety

Safety of the patient

Primary survey

Secondary survey

Respiratory emergencies 

Cardiac emergencies

External bleeding


Section 2 | Reacting to Medical Emergencies


Sprains and strains



Poisons and electrical injuries

Diabetes and epilepsy


How to react to medical emergencies


On successful completion of this First Aid at Work course, candidates recieve a self-print completion certificate.  

online First Aid Certificate

| Requires a score of 80% or more in final assessment

| Certificate emailed immediately

| Unlimited retakes of assessment

| CPD-accredited – 5 credits

Ideal For

General first aid training for all employees has clear benefits and could prove life-saving.  This course is appropriate for candidates learning new first aid skills or refreshing their existing first aid skills.  No previous qualifications are needed.

This First Aid at Work training course is also ideal for the designated first aider in low risk workplaces such as an office or cafe. 

Further Information

OSHA First Aid Standards | +44 131 661 8253

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