Safety & Health for Office Staff

$30.00 = 1yr access & certificate

Provide staff with the knowledge needed to work in both a health and safe way.

Duration Approx. | 50 minutes



Offices are relatively safe places to work.  But there are still legal requirements employers need to meet which includes providing training commensurate with the role.

There are also moral and financial benefits from greater productivity whey you train staff to work to work in a safe and healthy way.

Course Aim

Help clients develop a safe, health and more productive workforce.

Course Content

This course is a combination of our Office Safety and Move More at Work courses.

Section 1 | Office Safety 

Section 2 | Move More at Work


On successful completion of both Sections staff will be automatically emailed their completion certificate.  The certificate holds both CPD & CIEHF accreditations.

If you wish to bespoke the training or add any further modules such as Delegation skills, or Dignity at Work please speak to us.

Why choose this training for staff?

This course is unique in that it provides a fast, engaging and efficient way to communicate both office safety and healthy working messages.  Once staff have completed the course they will understand all the safety hazards that relate to an office environment.  They will also understand the importance to their health of achieve sufficient movement in their working day.

In our modern world of conveniences many of us particularly with desk-based roles do not receive enough physical activity.  The World Health Organisation highlighted that this is true of over 31% of adults, globally.

The Move More at Work element of this course provides your staff with an understanding of the risks associated with insufficient physical activity and a variety of tips to achieve the recommended levels.

Further Information

OSHA – Training and Employee Education | +44 131 661 8253

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